Priscilla Farnsworth

dr. Priscilla Farnsworth, Paulsen’s Pharmacy

Dr. Farnsworth graduated from Medical University of Houston with Bachelor in Biomedical Science. Dr. Farnsworth has twenty years of experience in urology, with special focus on prostatic surgery and erectile dysfunction treatment. Priscilla Farnsworth originally comes from Massachusetts where she completed her fellowship at Brandeis Hospital, focusing on pharmacology and various research programs. During her earlier years Priscilla accelerated nursing program and continued with her master’s degree in Oncology and Urology program. While attending Houston, she also trained and volunteered as an intern at local hospital. Priscilla explains her decision in the following manner, “I love supporting people and assisting them through all stages of their lives and I see myself as a companion in their healthcare journey. I specifically enjoy establishing relationships and dealing with adult men to help them as they establish their basic healthcare needs and goals.” In her spare time, Priscilla enjoys traveling, cooking, playing guitar and spending time with her two kids. She is also very well conversant in American Sign Language.