Francis Cooper

dr. Francis Cooper, Paulsen’s Pharmacy

Dr. Francis Cooper graduated with Bachelor of Science degree from the Washington University School of Medicine. His residency was at Oklahoma and its affiliated All Saints Hospital, where he successfully completed his training alongside with fellowships at the University of Ohio in urology. Dr. Cooper has 12 years of experience in urology and surgery, with special focus on erectile dysfunction, penile microsurgeries, and laser refractive procedures. Dr. Francs is a founding member and Chief of Urology at The Central Hospital of Chicago, and co-medical director at the Hospital of Denver. In addition to his urological practice, he is also on the board of Men’s Health International, an organization specializing in men’s health care and surgery to needy patients from South and Central America. Dr. Cooper is a member of the American Academy of Urology, board certified by the American Board of Urology, and an honorable member of Oklahoma Urology Society. Dr. Cooper resides in Chicago, Illinois with his wife, and spends his free time two sons.

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