Other Main Drugs from Cipla Limited

The list below includes, but not limited to the medications, which are either broadly applied around the world or represent a major sector of Cipla’s revenue.


Right now, Cipla is among the world’s foremost producers of HIV/AIDS medicines. Across 115 countries worldwide, approximately 1 of 3 people suffering from HIV is undergoing treatment with Cipla medications. Cipla also provides its antiretroviral meds at really reduced prices as part of their program called ‘Dollar a Day’, which offers full-scale HIV therapies at approximately $300 per year.

In general, Cipla produces 16 antiretroviral medications such as:

  • 3-in-1 solutions, such as Trioday (Lamivudine + Efavirenz + Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate), Viraday (Emtricitabine + Efavirenz + Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate)
  • Drugs applied for prevention of mother-to-child spread of HIV – so-called Mother-Baby Pack
  • Post-exposure and pre-exposure prophylaxis meds applied to prevent HIV (e.g., Tenvir EM)

There are other HIV medicines in development, like an oral form of 4-in-1 for kids.

Drugs Applied to Treat Respiratory Disease

Cipla produces drugs applied to treat diversified respiratory conditions, such as: asthma, allergic rhinitis, respiratory tract infections, lung cancer and many more. It focuses on inhalable formulations manufacturing more than 100 million inhalers every year. Cipla’s assortment of goods contains a few innovative products, like Tiotropium + Formoterol for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease therapy, and also the world’s first generic version of sildenafil and Bosentan, both applied to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Drugs Applied to Treat Urinary Tract Disease

The types of urological diseases that can be cured with medicines produced by Cipla include:

  • benign prostatic hyperplasia – Urimax capsules and pills, Duoflo Combipack, etc.
  • prostate cancer –Cassotide and Calutide pills
  • severe urinary retention – Urivoid pills
  • bladder cancer – Oncodox and Oncogem in form of injections
  • infections of urinary tract – Fosirol in form of powder
  • bladder stones – Ston1 in form of solution

If you’re planning to use generic medications, the drugs from Cipla Limited can become a perfect solution. The medicines from this Indian manufacturer are relatively inexpensive in comparison with brand-name alternatives, while still portray high reliability. Regrettably, not all of those drugs are legally approved yet in specific countries, such as the US, however the situation can resolve quite soon, since the generics market is continuously expanding. Meanwhile, some meds from Cipla can already be purchased online, and some of them have got an international shipping option as well.

author: dr. Francis Cooper

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