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Serving Portland Area Adult Foster Care Homes
Medicine on time takes the time and the worry out of medication management . Easy to use and understand multi dose blister cards.

Or if you want single dose or vials; we can do that too. Our services are tailored to what you need. Free Home delivery? Yes! WE do that also. Let us know if you have any questions.

We're not just a community pharmacy, we're much much more!

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Long-term care facilities in Portland Oregon need customized services.  We are a company built on maximizing the current technology offerings to provide the best possible service for your facility.  Are you tired of making med-sets, do you need Automated Dispensing Cabinets in your large facility with custom integration for an electronic medical record?  If so we can help.  We even offer customized delivery options utilizing our partnership with Stat-MD


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We are here to help. From Hospice to Long Term Care to Retail. We can help with every need. Please reach out, ask us a question, or just say hi.



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