Yes, Paulsens has a long History!

Paulsens Pharmacy has been a staple of Portland Oregon for 99 years. Jon Tomin and Gary Basrai are only the fifth Paulsens owners and operators in its 99 year history in Portland Oregon. Surprisingly, the Pharmacy wasn’t even the first business at this location. Before 1918, Paulsens building housed a real estate office where construction and sale of residential homes and businesses were coordinated. It was in 1918 that a Mr. Nichols opened the Pharmacy. Later, Charles Paulsen came to work as a Pharmacist in 1923 and, in 1940, partnered with James Mead. Paulsen retired in 1960, and Gary Balo, came aboard as a pharmacist, eventually partnering with Mr. Mead in 1970 until Mr. Mead retired in 1980. Nearly 30 years later, Mr. Balo retired and our current owner, Jon Tomin took the wheel.

   There is a lot of history stuffed into every nook and cranny of the Pharmacy. Hidden compartments, piles of boxes dating back to the 1920’s. There are storage areas in the basement that have not been touched in years. Digging through nearly a century of old pharmaceuticals, OTC products, and other antiques makes for an eye opening experience. Next time you stop in ask about our antiques and a pharmacy technician will most likely geek out and show you some amazing objects lost in time.


Serving The Portland Metro Area
We have served the Portland area for over 99 years. With products like Omnicell and Medicine On Time, and the partnership of Amerisouce Bergen, we are here for anything you might need.

We have partnered with StatMD to ensure the medications get to our patients in a timely manner. With regular delivery to on demand Stat delivery we are agile enough to provide the service you expect.

We're not just a community pharmacy, we're much much more!

Hospice Care, Long Term Care, Retail, Immunizations, Medication Therapy Management, Medicine On Time. 

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