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Paulsens has been around for 99 years. We recently reinvented ourselves. We have added Hospice and Long Term Care to our business model. We currently serve Kaiser Hospice and Adventist Hospice. Stop by or call us to see how we can help you or your organization.

Why Paulsens Pharmacy?

Our customer service is the foundation of our business. We understand every patient is different and every patient needs something different. We Understand Empathy. We understand you want everything to be right and on time. We have partnered with StatMD to ensure we deliver your medications when you expect them.


Serving Portland Area Hospice Partners
We have recently partnered with local Hospice and Palliative care organizations. We have come to understand their needs and have built a great program around those needs. Empathy, Accuracy and Timeliness is the foundation of our program.

We have partnered with StatMD to ensure the medications get to our patients in a timely manner. With regular delivery to on demand Stat delivery we are agile enough to provide the service you expect.


We're not just a community pharmacy, we're much much more!

Hospice Care, Long Term Care, Retail, Immunizations, Medication Therapy Management, Medicine On Time. 

Empathy/Accuracy/Timely   #WeCare

More than just a Pharmacy

Paulsens Pharmacy has been a staple of the Portland Pharmacy landscape for more than 99 years. Now, we are agile and big enough to take care of any Pharmacy Need. From regular Medications, Flu Shots, Multi Dose Bubble Packing, Medication Sync. We even serve Stumptown Coffee while you wait.

Interested in any of our services?

We are here to help. From Hospice to Long Term Care to Retail. We can help with every need. Please reach out, ask us a question, or just say hi.



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